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How Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Sales

Success of sales teams depends on its understanding of customer’s needs and building marketing campaigns around it. In these days of highly competitive and rapidly evolving markets […]

Image Analytics has become a Game Changer for SMEs

As the popular saying goes “A picture is worth thousand words” that is what nitezens are doing with social media channels. A staggering number of images are […]

How Big Data Analytics is Transforming Energy Industry

Energy is the fountainhead of human development.With an increasing demand for energy coupled with depleting sources energy sector has started adopting technologies that improve production, reduce transmission […]

Data to Decision 3 Stages to Analytics LifeCycle

Analytics has become a buzzword in the recent half a decade or so with many enterprises trying to make sense of their data through data ingestion, data […]

Retail Data Analytics – Top 10 Reasons you need it in 2020

Next time you see a popup ad on your browser, based on your searchrest assured that it is retail data analytics at its efficient best. Retail industry […]

Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry

Can historic data reveal future trends? Health care industry has always relied on meticulously measured /recorded data. Advent of new tools and technology to capture information has […]

How the analytics revolutionized the switchgear industry?

The digitization and IT transformation led to the huge data explosion. This data need not sit in a company’s servers but when used to get insights from […]