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Data-Driven Strategy for Real-Time Decision Making

Businesses need to analyze data and draw insights or conclusions to make the right decisions at the right time. By deploying Business Analytics to source, collect, and analyze the available data, your business can gain meaningful insights for effective decision-making.

At Phygital Insights, we help our customers gain insight, make real-time business decisions, and optimize business processes through our business analytics solutions. Banking on our business analytics services, organizations can optimize their operations, identify growth opportunities, and improve their bottom line.

Our Business Analytics Services

Business Research Services
Business Research

Gather, analyze, and interpret business data to make informed decisions using surveys, focus groups, and data mining methods.

Customer Analytics Services
Customer Analytics

Analyze customers' behavior and preferences to provide insights into purchasing patterns, customer retention, and customer satisfaction.

Image Analytics Services
Image Analytics

Collect and analyze image data to extract insights, including object recognition, sentiment analysis, and facial recognition.

Marketing Analytics Services
Marketing Analytics

Track website traffic, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs to understand the most effective marketing channels and strategies.

Sales Analytics Services
Sales Analytics

Analyze and understand sales performance, customer behavior, and product trends to gain insights into which products and sales strategies are most effective.

Visualization & Reporting Analytics Services
Visualization & Reporting Analytics

Present complex data visually through interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs, allowing businesses to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Secondary Research Services
Secondary Research

Collect and analyze existing data from reports, articles, databases, etc., to understand market trends, consumer behavior, and industry benchmarks.

 Engineering Analytics Services
Engineering Analytics

Use engineering data and advanced data analysis techniques to optimize engineering processes, improve product quality, and reduce costs.

Defining HR Analytics Process
HR Analytics

Analyze and interpret data related to the workforce and its processes to improve productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Defining Video Analytics Process
Video Analytics

Analyze video footage data in real-time, and detect events, objects, and patterns to improve security, optimize marketing, and enhance customer experience.

Text Analytics Services
Text Analytics

Analyze and interpret unstructured text data from social media, customer feedback, and emails to gain insights into customer behavior, sentiment, and preferences.

Benefits of Data Analytics services

Business Benefits

Optimized decision-making with data insights

Increased customer experience and satisfaction

Reduced risk through real-time monitoring and analysis

Improved supply chain management and inventory forecasting

Reduced costs and optimized resource allocation

Improved agility and adaptability in a dynamic environment

Predictive modeling for forecasting and planning

Personalized marketing and product recommendations

Our Process


Define the problem or objective

Collect and process data

Analyze thedata

Interpret and visualize results

Implement solutions

Monitor and evaluate


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