Industry Analytics

Uncover Insights with Industry-Specific Data Analytics

Uncover Insights with Industry-Specific Data Analytics

The volume of data across industries is growing exponentially. Accessing high-quality insights in real-time will enable businesses to realign processes with speed needed to meet market changes and stay competitive.

At Phygital Insights, we provide analytics solutions to help organizations across industries gain data-driven insights for real-time decision-making.

Our Industry Analytics Services

Defining E-commerce Analytics process
E-Commerce Analytics 

Leverage advanced eCommerce analytics for accurate data-driven insights on customer behavior, touchpoints, social media, and marketing.

CPG Analytics Services
CPG Analytics

Use CPG analytics for product development, supply chain management, sales & marketing, customer experience, and retail execution strategies. 

Healthcare & Life Science Analytics Services
Healthcare & Life Science Analytics

Use advanced healthcare analytics on clinical trials, supply chains, sales & marketing, population health, and precision medicine for better care.

Tour Travel & Hospitality Analytics Services
Tour Travel & Hospitality Analytics

Gain access to data-driven insight on traveler behavior, market trends, revenue management, marketing campaigns & customer experience.

Defining Power Analytics Process
Power Analytics

Use predictive analytics to avoid unplanned outages, reduce equipment downtimes using early warnings & alert mechanisms, and forecast future electricity demands better. 

Logistic & Supply Chain Analytics
Logistic & Supply Chain Analytics

Leverage end-to-end supply chain analytics in real-time to manage everything from raw material sourcing to efficient distribution and predictive modeling to forecast future trends.

ERU Analytics Services
ERU Analytics

Use ERU analytics for better resource allocation and faster demand response through data-driven insights into energy auditing, modeling, procuring, tracking & monitoring. 

Defining Aviation Analytics Process
Aviation Analytics

Gain access to high-quality real-time insights into flight operations, customer service, maintenance, safety & security, and revenue management. 

Banking & Finance Analytics Services
Banking & Finance Analytics

Leverage tailored financial data analytics for data-driven insights on customer behavior, risk management, fraud prevention & detection, overall operations, and more.

Insurance Analytics Services
Insurance Analytics

Use insurance analytics for better data-driven insights on claims management, marketing, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Defining Telecom Analytics Process
Telecom Analytics

Leverage telecom analytics to boost customer satisfaction through data-driven insights into network infrastructure, customer behavior, revenue management, and customer service.

Benefits of Data Analytics services

Business Benefits

Improved decision-making enabling better outcomes & efficiency

Enhanced customer experience leading to an increase in personalized services

Better risk management through proactive risk mitigation strategies

Better innovation through improved product development

Enhanced marketing strategies improving ROI

Increased revenue by optimizing pricing strategies & identifying new revenue streams

Improved supply chain leading to an increase in overall efficiency and cost savings


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