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Operational Analytics Services in a company

What is Operational Analytics?

Operational analytics involves using real-time data to monitor and improve business operations, enabling companies to make more informed decisions.

We are a specialized operational analytics company with experience in deploying insights from business data to improve operational efficiency. We have assisted our clients in improving several internal processes, such as supply chain management, customer service, manufacturing activities, etc.

Operational Analytics Services

We assist you in monitoring your business processes with the following operational analytics services:

Operational Analytics for Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring

Detect and respond to anomalies, identify patterns, and trigger automated actions with the help of statistical and quantitative analysis and predictive models.

Operational Analytics for Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management
Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management

Use data from connected physical assets like sensors and machine learning algorithms to predict when equipment is likely to fail.

Operational Analytics for Supply Chain Optimization
Supply Chain Optimization

Use statistical process control, simulation modeling, and optimization algorithms to optimize the flow of goods and services throughout the supply chain.

Operational Analytics for Workforce Management
Workforce Management

Analyze employee productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and skill set data to identify patterns using workforce simulation and predictive analytics.

Operational Analytics for Quality Control
Quality Control

Analyze customer complaints and product defect data through Statistical Process Control (SPC), Design of Experiments (DOE), and other methodologies.

Operational Analytics for Inventory and Logistics Management
Inventory and Logistics Management

Analyze inventory levels, production schedules, and logistics operations to identify patterns and trends for inventory optimization and demand forecasting.

Operational Analytics for Root Cause Analysis and Problem-solving
Root Cause Analysis and Problem-solving

Gain insights into the underlying causes of issues and take action to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Operational Analytics for Compliance and Security Monitoring
Compliance and Security Monitoring

Ensure your company's operations comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards and detect and respond to security threats.

Operational Analytics for Performance Benchmarking and KPI Tracking
Performance Benchmarking and KPI Tracking

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks performance against industry standards by analyzing production, sales, and customer service data.

Key Features
Of Operational Analytics

Data Integration

Connect to and integrate data from multiple sources, such as transactional systems, log files, and IoT devices.

Data Preparation

Clean, transform, and normalize data to prepare it for analysis.

Data Visualization

Create Interactive dashboards and charts to allow users to easily view and understand complex data.

Analytics and Reporting

Implement advanced operational analytics and reporting, such as statistical analysis, forecasting, and machine learning, to gain insights from data.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up alerts and notifications to notify users of important events or trends.

Collaboration and Sharing

Collaborate and share insights and analyses with other organization members.

Security and Governance

Ensure the security and governance of data with access controls and lineage tracking.


Handle large amounts of data and support a growing number of users and use cases.

Integration with Other Systems

Connect and integrate with other systems, such as ERP, CRM, and other business systems.

Mobile Support

Ability to access and interact with the system on mobile devices.



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Technology Stack

We deploy various operational analytics tools for better solutions. Our services typically utilize the following technology stack.

Benefits of Data Analytics services

Business Benefits

Improved decision-making with real-time insights into operations

Increased efficiency by identifying process-related bottlenecks

Reduced operational expenses with end-to-end process optimization 

Deliver better customer experience with a proper understanding of customer preferences

Increased competitive advantage by analyzing operational data for strategic insights

Improved product quality with accurate insights into product performance 


Clients we
Work For

Why Choose Us?

Our data engineering consulting services come packed with the following benefits.

Fine-tune Your Operations

Our services assist you in fine-tuning your business operations by identifying potential issues through real-time insights and predictive modeling.

Stay Competitive

We help businesses stay competitive by providing AI-driven recommendations to optimize operations, improve performance, and make data-driven decisions.

Predict the Future

Our operational data analytics services will enable you to build predictive modeling capabilities to identify evolving market patterns and trends in data.

Better Team Collaboration

We help your organization collaborate across teams by providing a centralized data collection and analysis system.

Improved Performance

We improve business performance by identifying areas for improvement, tracking progress, and optimizing operations.

Risk Management

We help businesses manage risks through predictions allowing them to anticipate potential risks and disruptions and proactively implement mitigation strategies.

We Serve

We have tapped into operational data to unlock business value for organizations across industry verticals. Some of these industries include:





Banking and financial services



Engineering Services

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Hear From Our Clients

Game Changing-Support

We were struggling to increase our combined yield for all processes. After several futile efforts, we turned to Phygital. Their end-to-end analysis helped us identify hidden bottlenecks in the production line. We plugged them in to cut down on wastage and improve overall efficiency. Their service was indeed a game-changer.


Senior Operations Manager, US-based Manufacturing Company

Good at providing business-specific solutions

With rising transportation costs, we suffered more from rising empty miles. We lacked precise, real-time, data-driven insights to resolve this issue. So, we partnered with Phygital. They stepped into our shoes and helped us maximize our existing capacity utilization and lane density. Amazed by Phygital's capability. Highly recommended!


Vice President, UK-based Logistics Firm

Experts in workflow transformation

Our efforts towards decreasing manual workloads for our healthcare workers were cut short by rising patient counts. We sought Phygital's help for overcoming operational silos. They examined our entire IT infrastructure and workflow and offered insights to improve EHR interoperability, drastically improving our care.


Chief of Staff, US-based Healthcare Service Provider



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