Healthcare & Life Science Analytics Services

Looking to improve healthcare outcomes with accurate insights from patient data? Healthcare & Life Science analytics can help you uncover all hidden insights. Our analytics services for healthcare will assist you get accurate insights from patient data quickly.

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Healthcare & Life Science Analytics Services in a company

What is
Healthcare & Life Science Analytics?

Healthcare analytics involves data analysis techniques to gain insights into healthcare processes.

At Phygital Insights, we map the practical value of these bleeding-edge advancements in healthcare to the wealth of knowledge available in databases and discern how relevant information can be mined from the ocean of data.

Healthcare & Life Science Analytics Services

We assist you optimize your business performance with the following Healthcare & Life Science Analytics services:

Clinical Data Analytics

Clinical Data Analytics

Analyze clinical data to understand disease patterns and treatment outcomes for better patient experiences and continued innovation.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality of supply chains by optimizing inventory levels, forecasting demands, etc.

Fraud Detection and Financial Analytics

Fraud Detection and Financial Analytics

Identify patterns to spot frauds, assess potential risks, and take proactive measures to mitigate them, including complying with HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations.

Market and Sales Analytics

Market and Sales Analytics

Understand customer behavior, identify market trends, customer preferences, and optimize sales strategies to make data-driven decisions and stay competitive.

Population Health Analytics

Population Health Analytics

Enhance the health outcome of an area by analyzing health data, such as electronic health records, to identify patterns, trends, and risk factors.

Clinical Trial Analytics

Clinical Trial Analytics

Analyze and interpret data from different clinical trials to support drug development, evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and their regulatory approvals.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Analyze vast amounts of data such as genetic information, medical history, and others to identify patterns for enhanced treatment outcomes and minimize healthcare costs.

Real-World Evidence

Real-World Evidence

Get a more comprehensive understanding of the patient population and treatment outcomes by identifying patterns and trends in patient data.

Outcomes Research

Outcomes Research

Assess the effectiveness, safety, quality, and significance of healthcare interventions and services by exploring their impact on patient outcomes, clinical practices, and healthcare systems.



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Benefits of Data Analytics services

Business Benefits

Improved patient outcomes through deeper insights into patient data

Increased operational efficiency by streamlining the treatment process

Enhanced decision-making with actionable insights from patient data

Improved drug development and clinical trials for better patient outcomes

Enhanced risk management through immediate threat identification  

improved patient experience and increased satisfaction

Better informed decision-making across all areas of their operations


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Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons businesses should consider outsourcing to us:

Expertise and Experience

Our team consists of expert healthcare data analysts and data engineers with knowledge of data management, statistical analysis, and domain-specific knowledge of the healthcare industry. 

Tailored solutions

We leverage big data and advanced analytics techniques to identify patterns related to healthcare treatment issues and tailor optimized solutions with data-driven insights. 

Improved data security and privacy

We use encryption and other security protocols to protect sensitive data, including patient health records, clinical trial data, etc., and also deploy access control at the user and application levels. 

Access to state-of-the-art technology

Our experts make use of state-of-the-art healthcare analytics technology to analyze data for new treatments, better patient outcomes, minimized healthcare costs, and others. 

Time and cost savings

We assist you make use of data-driven insights to cut down on wasteful expenses and long and complicated trial- and- error processes for greater cost and time savings.

Improved Patient Outcome

Our experts help you analyze patient data and identify personalized treatment plans based on patient characteristics such as medical history, genetics which leads to enhanced patient outcomes.

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we have delivered healthcare and life science analytics services to businesses like:





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Hear From Our Clients

Great at Identifying Issues

Working with the Phygital data engineering team has been a game-changer for our company. They helped us identify our data ingestion problems and implemented a centralized system to tackle them. We highly recommend their services.


Technical Product Manager US-based Company

They specialize in providing end-to-end support

We needed support to help grow our retail business with data-driven recommendations. We found it in Phygital Insights’ Data Analytics Services. They studied our data, uncovered hidden patterns, and enabled us to anchor decisions on data-driven insights. Don’t look beyond Phygital for all your data needs.


Product Manager, US-based Retail Firm

Game Changing-Support

We were struggling to increase our combined yield for all processes. After several futile efforts, we turned to Phygital. Their end-to-end analysis helped us identify hidden bottlenecks in the production line. We plugged them in to cut down on wastage and improve overall efficiency. Their service was indeed a game-changer.


Senior Operations Manager, US-based Manufacturing Company


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