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We combine data from Physical and Digital assets to unlock the true potential by identifying new channels of growth and profitability. Our capabilities in Analytics, Research, and Product Development, along with our expertise in Big Data, make us unique in the digital analytics services space in providing best-in-class solutions to our valued customers.

In this digital age, an immense volume of data is increasing at a rapid rate. Businesses are facing challenges in handling and making sense of the enormous data, and are seeking best practices to process data eloquently. Learning and implementing data analytics services and solutions are crucial factors in driving and evolving future strategies that can help data-intensive businesses.


Phygital Insights’ data analytics solutions deliver businesses with in-depth customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross-selling and upselling, helping detect revenue leakage and fraud, thus, driving productivity. With our expertise in analytics tools and solutions, we help you determine relevant and actionable insights from the data generated.

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Our Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI ) & Machine Learning Solutions
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Big Data Management Solutions
Big Data Management
Business Intelligence Solutions
Business Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics
Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

Our Expertise

Phygital Insights

Our comprehensive range of Analytics Services provide a holistic view of customer needs and preferences. Our expertise enables customers to get rich insights and help organizations make decisions that impact their businesses positively.

Phygital Insights

Our domain-intensive analytics frameworks and solutions drive higher efficiency and value for our customers.

Phygital Insights
Industry Experts

Our industry specific experts help customers derive valuable business insights, unlock their growth potential and transform as a market leader in their industry.

Phygital Insights
Product Development

Our products are at the forefront of futuristic technological excellence. Our expertise help us drive digital transformation and utilize resources efficiently to deliver solutions for complex challenges.

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Learning & Development

Our strive to meet the learning curve helps us keep abreast of the industry trends and upgrade our skills to meet the growing demands of technology.


Data in our DNA

We are data-enthusiasts. Our meticulous approach to data analysis ensures every single data makes sense and insightful that could bring about business value to our customers.


Industry Agnostic Experts

Our agnostic approach and the knowledge gained can help your business make accurate decisions, regardless of your domain.


Enhanced Customer Experience

With the right mix of people, process, and technology, we transform customer experience and help bring about operational stability.


Quality & On-Time Delivery

While we follow a speed-to-market strategy, we ensure processes comply with the highest quality standards.


Adopting Lean Techniques

Our lean methods can provide better project visibility, increase team productivity and help predict delivery of customer value.

Our Framework


Problem solving, emerging technologies


Learning & development, knowledge sharing & training – methods, tools

Performance Management

Outcome measurement metrics

Service Delivery Model

Process & workflows, standards, best practices

Business Engagement

Business analysis & development, project management


Engineering & integration, framework


Models, software tools, validation, life cycle management


Data quality, data & knowledge management

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