Power-Driven Analytics for Performance-Driven Organizations

In any sales-oriented organization, it's essential to understand the big picture to build a competitive advantage and to achieve critical KPIs - sales performance, cost to revenue ratios, and quota attainment. By deploying our powerful analytics and visualization tools, we help sales organizations to come up with actionable insights from their sales data.

At Phygital Insights, we partner with you to provide sales analytics solutions to help you clear marketing bottlenecks, deploy the tools to attain marketing objectives and operationalize data-driven decision frameworks for sustainable business effect and ROI.

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Our Analytics Solutions

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis

  • Helps in understanding the competitive scenario and increase profit margins
  • Gain deeper insights into price-sensitive customers and identify specific SKUs to reach the niche target segments

Trend Analytics

  • Helps in detecting patterns from historical sales data
  • Helps in understanding the hidden information in the data (Ex: when to raise or lower product prices)

Product Performance Analytics

  • Provides a good visibility into product performance
  • Helps in making data-driven decisions to solve problems faster
  • Enhances the overall customer experience

Pricing Analytics

  • Helps in identifying pricing opportunities
  • Derives insights for promotion and pricing strategies
  • Improves operational efficiency

Demand Forecasting

  • Forecasts demand and planning supply

Order Management

  • Helps in streamlining the order and reduces the cost
  • Improves order forecast accuracy


Phygital Insights' Sales Analytics solutions provide a seamless balance of sales analytics competencies, domain knowledge, and technology accelerators to add valuable analytics consistency to your sales process. We leverage Customer Relationship data to deliver improved visibility, empower effective sales decision- making and boost your overall sales performance, all of this customized per your business environment.

What Our Solutions Address

  1. What geographic regions should I target?
  2. Should I go with a direct sales strategy or through channel sales?
  3. Which channel should I choose for my sales strategy?
  4. Is online channel reliable for sales?
  5. How many sales professionals would I need?
  6. What kind of promotions should I run?