Productivity-Driven Analytics for the Power-Driven Industry

Power and water industries are always on a mission to improve reliability and productivity, reduce operations and maintenance cost. In order to achieve this goal, industries need to go beyond traditional architectures or systems which are mainly used for process monitoring, embrace new technologies and data-driven approaches, and power new business models.

With the Industrial 4.0 revolution promising to increase productivity and reliability, many industries are leaning towards Internet of things (IoT), Big data and analytics. Phygital insight's proven experience in Big data analytics and technologies can help unlock your growth potential.

Power your productivity
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Power Industry Analytics Services

We help OEMs and contractors to –

  • Move from a reactive approach to predictive approach
  • Reduce revenue losses by reducing plant downtime
  • Provide analytics insights for new product development
  • Reduce cost by deploying remote diagnostics
  • Set up digital framework to connect all the assets
  • Provide visualization and automated reporting solutions
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Failure Prediction
Load Forecasting
Process Data Analytics
Process Data Analytics
Anomaly Detection
Equipment Health Monitoring
Alarms reporting & Visualisation
Alarms Reporting & Visualization

Power Industry Analytics Challenges

  • Unplanned outages due to component failures
  • High maintenance and operational cost
  • Disparate data sources and communication protocols

Power Industry Analytics Data

  • Machine & operational data
  • Sensor data from field devices
  • Connected systems, databases, network and 3rd party systems data

Benefits of Power Industry Analytics

Better insights with real-time management
Reliable forecasting for investment decisions
Higher availability of resources with more accurate failure prediction
Accuracy in failure prediction


Reducing plant downtime for a non-renewable power plant in Asia

The client wanted to detect the anomalies of a plant equipment in operation since there was an increase in unplanned plant shutdowns. Our anomaly detection analytics solution helped the client overcome this challenge.