Mining Wealth of Information from Healthcare Databases

The healthcare industry is expanding its operational avenues in the medical field with major investments being made for R&D and digital realizations in clinical healthcare, infrastructure, operations and insurance.

We recognize that hospitals and clinics have access to a huge amount of data, but lack the right tools to utilize the information that can be garnered from it. At Phygital Insights, we map the practical value of these bleeding-edge advancements in healthcare to the wealth of knowledge available in databases and discern how relevant information can be mined from the ocean of data.

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Healthcare Analytics Services

At Phygital Insights, our healthcare data analytics solutions unify all of your key data across core performance areas: administrative, financial, clinical, and entities within your business. With complete visibility, you can make better decisions across the board – from staffing and budgeting to payer contracting and M&A. Since the data from all of your units are combined, and in a reliable format, there’s no need to waste time in tracking down inputs from other groups or patching files together manually.

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Clinical Healthcare Services
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Infrastructure and Operations Services
Revenue Cycle Management Services

Healthcare Analytics Challenges

  • Disparate data sources and communication protocols
  • Complex data, mostly semi-structured and unstructured
  • Data security
  • Reporting and visualization

Healthcare Analytics Data

  • Clinical data – EMR and device data
  • Hospital administration data
  • Insurance data

Benefits of Healthcare Analytics

  • Digitally automate and transform clinical health practices, improve patient health practices, patient outcomes and patient treatment plans using our AI/ML-driven analytics services

  • Possess seamless operability of the day-to-day activities under the purview of your hospital framework with our infrastructure and management analytics services

  • Simplify your revenue cycle process from the point of patient admission to the payment of claims using our automation and AI solutions

Case Study

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Automation of critical care solutions for a multi-speciality hospital's ICU in Asia

The client required data from different devices to be monitored during emergency times and lacked a centralized view of all the data from patient and medical devices. Our automated solution helped transform the patient treatment process and predict patients' length of stay in the ICU.