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Analytics That Empower Business Decisions in Real-Time

Marketers strive hard to keep up with the ever-changing consumer preferences and pricing dynamics in order to stay competitive. Also, they have to put up with a vast amount of organized and unorganized data from disparate sources, making it more complex.

Using the FMCG advanced analytics suite, Phygital Insights help you deal with these challenges, allowing you to have access to information rapidly, accurately and in formats that will empower you to make eloquent business decisions in real-time. Our suite of predictive analytics solutions are capable of addressing the complex issues faced by FMCG businesses today.

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FMCG Analytics Offerings

We help clients by empowering seamless integration between multi-channel supply chains to facilitate sales through traditional and online channels. Our predictive analytics solutions for FMCG businesses help firms with crucial decision making around -

  • Pricing strategies
  • Product promotion
  • Sales and demand forecasting
  • Merchandising planning
  • Marketing Insights

How We Help

  • Recognizing what to sell based on customers’ needs at their chosen point of purchase
  • Exploring and accepting new ways to sell based on how customers are buying
  • Improving inventory levels, warehouse management, and driving value through the whole supply chain
  • Driving maximum revenue and productivity through all channels across the customer decision journey
  • Delivering bespoke promotions and optimizing marketing spend

Benefits of FMCG Analytics

Efficient Supply Chain Management
Efficient Supply Chain Management
Seamless global operations
Seamless global operations
Controlled inventory levels
Controlled inventory levels
Superior quality assurance
Business decisions with the right intelligence
Right business decisions
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