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Leading-Edge Predictive Analytics for Potential Insights

The eCommerce market is progressing at a rapid speed, and customers are looking for a more engaging and personalized retail experience. To attain success in a highly dynamic market, eCommerce businesses must be competent to stay ahead of their customers. Businesses must be capable of predicting their customers' needs on their eCommerce portal.

At Phygital Insights, our predictive search capabilities can be integrated into your analytics solution, which enables your eCommerce business to analyze your customers' past click-through behaviors, shopping history, and product preferences in real-time. Our predictive analytics allows a continuous analysis of customer data, while Machine Learning capabilities will deliver the most relevant outcomes and recommendations to users.

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eCommerce Analytics Offerings


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing techniques help offer the right price to the right customer, ensure focused customer acquisition by following the customer superior, and predict the price-sensitivity score of the customer.


Personalized User Experience

Powered by our eCommerce analytics services, businesses can meet customer demands efficiently, and make interactions faster and more comfortable, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.


eCommerce CRM

Our eCommerce CRM helps you gain customer loyalty, win back at-risk or missing customers, comprehend your customer acquisition cost, and organize data-driven campaigns that drive positive outcomes.

Performance Management

Performance Management

We help you associate data from your eCommerce platform, analytics tools, advertising channels, and more to aid you in understanding key performance indicators across your business and capitalize on your profitability.


Product Analytics

We help discover product insights that drive revenue growth. From product bundling to profitability, we give you the tools required to assess sales information and trends effortlessly.

eCommerce Analytics Challenges

Collection and management of eCommerce Big data

Our cloud-based optimal solution model can help with the collection and management of eCommerce data. We help in the transition of the existing on-premises network of servers to the cloud in order to use application services, store and process data, and execute analytics.

Failure to transform data into actions

With data-driven references sent straight to a customized dashboard, you can analyze your data in real-time to identify your next marketing initiative.

Failing to gain more significant market share

Analytics helps you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You can recognize new marketing opportunities, remove potential threats, and capture a significant percentage of your market.

Benefits of eCommerce Analytics

Analyze information to detect fraud
Predict what’s in store for you
Personalize recommendations for your customers
Forecast inventory for the subsequent season
Measure your marketing
Personalize your customers' shopping experience
Know your customers better
Optimize pricing of the products
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