About Phygital Insights

We at Phygital Insights, recognize that organizations face intense competition, ever demanding customers, cost pressures and growing regulatory requirements. We combine data from Physical and Digital assets to unlock true business potential by identifying new channels of growth and profitability.

Our expertise in setting up global hubs, for providing analytics as a service, enables customers get rich insights and help organizations take decisions that impact their businesses positively. We have data scientists who are tool agnostic and domain agnostic, with considerable analytics expertise across industries.

Over time, organizations have taken strategic and tactical decisions that suited them well at that point in time.


Vara Prasad Rongala

Mr. Vara Prasad Rongala has dedicated his best part of his life to inspire and nurture people to achieve their full potential. With over 37 years of corporate business experience, he has created winning partnerships, identified roadmaps and has been able to provide quality solutions that tackle next-gen challenges. Under his leadership he has overseen the growth of Invensis which has been named as one of India’s 10 promising BPOs.

Mr. Rongala with his ‘look within oneself’ approach to life has helped many to realize that 'the answer lies within themselves to overcome adversity. With professional expertise in the field of Technology, Big Data, Analytics, Logistics, Customs, and Finance has helped him to transform businesses in the 21st century. With the need for a smart future, Mr. Rongala is betting big on Big Data and Analytics and has started a new venture called Phygital Insights that offers Analytics Services and solutions.

He has a strong spiritual outlook towards life. In addition, he is an avid traveler and has explored over 50 countries that made him realize “Experience is Exposure, Not Age”.


N M Sarma

Mr. N.M Sarma, an expert in setting up Analytics Services globally is now the Founder and CEO of Phygital Insights. He started his career with Procter & Gamble and his last assignment was with TCS as the Vice President & Head of Analytics. He joined TCS as a one-man-army and in few years created a 5000+ strong Analytics unit with global delivery centers focusing on providing business solutions to global majors across various industry verticals.

He has travelled extensively across the globe in various capacities with sheer passion and commitment to create world class teams and solutions. His expertise across industry verticals like CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality, Healthcare and BFSI has helped businesses meet complex demands worldwide.

He has delivered many guest lectures, leadership development programs and round table conferences across the globe on Analytics are worth a mention here.

In his new avatar, he is translating his experiential learning into more structured mentoring for middle and senior management enabling them to develop as world class leaders beyond what books teach them. Mr. N.M Sarma with his “Art of Being” approach has been able to provide transformational experience to several people. Big Data Analytics Training, Business Transformation, Consulting are his passion.

The one word people relate to him is “ENJOY”. He is known to make everyone enjoy the journey they walk with him.