Data-Driven Strategy for Real-Time Decision Making

Businesses need to draw insights or conclusions from the data to determine the next course of action. To determine these insights, businesses need to deploy Business Analytics to source, collect, and analyze the data in order to derive intelligence critical for decision-making.

With Phygital Insights’ business analytics solutions, we help our customers gain insight, make real-time business decisions, and optimize business processes. Our business analytics process spans across two main areas – Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Business Intelligence

We make use of an extensive variety of tools, applications and technologies that aid companies to source data from disparate systems, prepare the data, perform queries and calculations on the data, create reports, visualizations, and dashboards to present the results.

Advanced Analytics

Along with Business Intelligence, we carry out deeper analysis such as predictive analytics by applying Statistical, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning algorithms to historical data in order to make future predictions. Our experts help you determine your progress using analytics, review the existing practices and infrastructure, lay out the foundation for a robust data-centric framework, and work collaboratively for a compelling business transformation.

Benefits of Business Analytics

Measure your performance

Evaluate your progress

Identify weaknesses in existing process

Highlight meaningful insights

Devise continuous improvement programs

The Process Flow