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Smart Data Analytics Solutions for a Smart Industry Revolution

The volume of data across enterprises is growing exponentially. It's imperative to gain access to high quality data and real-time analytic solutions or it could affect product development lifecycles, operating and capital expenditures. It is vital to have an efficient data monitoring and data management mechanism along with data analytics solutions across industries.

The physical world is moving towards digital and is highly accessible due to the increase in the number of connected devices. Data obtained in the form of data logs, time series, data from sensors, and connected machines contain detailed traces about product usage, health, customer behavior amongst others. With the combined information of the internal and external data along with data models, it's easier to apply advanced analytics. Advanced analytics can help firms gain a better understanding of interactions among input variables, and optimize to achieve desired business outcomes.

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Our Industry Solutions

Data Collection

From sensors, machines, IoT devices, ERP systems, MES, and other third party devices like SCADA, PLC and other control systems

Framework and Platform Set Up

For IoT connectivity, databases, computations

Analytics Solutions

Using various analytics software, modelling tools and visualization tools

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